A day of walking.

Fourty-five years. Astounding that I’ve lasted this long and a good reason for Topfengolatschen breakfast.

Fourty-five years. Astounding that I’ve lasted this long and a good reason for Topfengolatschen breakfast.

A day of hunting chanterelles and blueberries in the Austrian Alps. Now we eat.

For John Cage. Picked by my father.

Performing Sleep Health at Dark Mofo last week. (image credit: Amelia Paxman)

My dear friend Lawrence English has a new record coming out soon. Check out this trailer (made by another friend Paul Rankin) and do yourself a favour by ordering the record here

Some of the records I’ve released through A Guide To Saints / Room40 are now also available in full via bandcamp.

Survey #2 (One Thousand Dreams I Never Had) 

Sleep Health

Both releases also remain available via Room40.

Performing Sleep Health in full at DARK MOFO 2014. June 21, Odeon Theatre, Hobart, Tasmania. Program + Tickets.

Bundaberg artist and friend Christine Turner asked me the the other day whether I’d pose for her. I did.

Sunken Houses exhibition opens this Friday at the Bundaberg Regional Gallery, Queensland, Australia. Score for Sunken Houses (stereo channel audio, 25:54 min) in collaboration with photography by Brad Marsellos. (Digital photography – archival giclee print on Hahnemuhle fine art paper, 100 x 75 cm).

About the score:

Composition in three parts, recorded and mixed for Bundaberg Regional Gallery in-house sound system, Sunken Houses exhibition, March - April 2014

Sedative Pulse
Bundaberg Salute

Heinz Riegler’s composition for Sunken Houses is informed by multiple layers. Merging a response to Marsellos’ images with first hand experiences gathered during a visit to the recovering city, Riegler’s work is conceived out of the acquired memories relating to the Bundaberg floods of early 2013. This ‘foundation material’ is used to create a subliminal imprint, charging the composition with a tension between actual and perceived events. Further embedded within the piece is the composers desire to bring remedial qualities to the work. The resulting piece represents an audio composite which is placed alongside the photography, aiming to accent and heighten the exhibition experience.

Recorded and mixed during October 2013 - March 2014 in Europe and Australia.

Special thanks to Harmony for allowing me the use of their voices as heard in score between 0:45-4:37.

Artshub article here.
ABC Arts article here. (by Kate Hennessy)
ABC Radio interview here. (by David Dowsett)

m20d - day 1
m20d - day 2

minus20degree wrapped last Sunday. Was epic. More photos soon. Curated by Ana Rita Marques, Elisa Mante, Heinz Riegler, Stefanos Filippas and Theo Deutinger.

minus20degree is an art and architecture festival that focuses on snow and landscape as its basic elements. The intention is to design or stage landscape with simple interventions and make it accessible to the public. The festival sees the winter landscape as an untouched testing field with snow as its plasticine resource for all expressions of art and architecture.

Working on this during my time here in the alps. www.m20d.eu

A new accompanying video for latest edition. Health. First featured here

Sleep Health (EXCERPTS)

“…finds the right balance between meditative and beautiful, so that when the listener finally drifts off, the images dancing around in his or her head will be enchanting rather than horrific. ‘Sleep/Health’ is a wonderful thing.”

“…a careful curation of the duality of good spirits and bad distractions….. that you should carry with you like your lucky charm and your I.D.”

“…emits pure, elegant tones as part of a 34-minute lullaby codeine-cure…”

“Exquisite for its focus and exacting tonalities….. Gentle rhythms, lulling bells, and floating haze dare the listen not to enter their interior worlds.”

“…difficult not to get caught up in his chiming twilight world and fill it out with visions from your own imagination. It invites you into your own interior, even if sometimes you may not notice.”

“Two beautiful cuts, exactly seventeen minutes each, of hazy ambience shimmering like the sun bursting through a cloudbank.”

'Sleep' - Accompanying video for Sleep Health release through A Guide To Saints. Available via Room40 store

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